Success Stories

  • "Sharp Lower Back Pain, Sudden Onset, and Degenerative Disc
    I woke up one morning and couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't even roll over. The pain was excruciating. My husband carried me out of the house, to the car, and into Holly Springs Chiropractic. I could have sworn Dr. Adamson performed a miracle; I actually managed to walk out of the office. By the end of the week and two more visits I was walking and squatting with little to no pain. Now my hsuband and I both visit regularly for adjustments. We love Bridget and the Holly Springs Chiro team! Thanks guys!"
  • "Neck and Back Pain, Pregnancy and Maintenance Care
    I had been seeing a chiropractor for 10 years before moving to Holly Springs, so I was already aware of all the benefits of chiropractic care. All I have to say is, if it weren't for Dr. Adamson (and previously Dr. Atwell), I would be cripple and unable to function normally!! THANK YOU!! Great staff too!!"
    Jennifer F
  • "Two Times- Neck and Back Pain/Strain from Rear Ended Car Collisions
    I was rear-ended twice within 10 months. The first time I was in therapy for almost three months. The treatment I received the first time was so effective, I believe I was able to recover much quicker the second time around. The staff is friendly and understanding. Dr. Adamson quickly adjusts his treatment plan when recovery isn't going as planned. I would never consider going anywhere else for my neck and back problems!"
    Kathy G
  • "Serious Lower Back Pain
    I come to Holly Springs Chiropractic on a regular basis. I continuously get hurt on the job and Dr. Adamson seems to repair me everytime."
  • "Hands and Feet Numbness; and Vertigo
    Dr. Adamson has helped me tremendously in so many ways. One of the first things I noticed about him versus other chiropractors I've seen is that he takes the time to listen to everything and look at the whole picture. This has made all the difference in helping me get better. He has fixed my numbneses as well as my vertigo. I haven't been able to get that from anyone else. I love coming to Holly Springs Chiropractic to see Dr. Adamson, as he always helps me feel better and stay well-maintained, and also because Bridget is so nice and caring. Thanks a million!"
  • "Ear Infections
    Visiting Dr. Adamson has been the best treatment we have found for preventing ear infections in our children. My oldest daughter continued to get infections while she had tubes in her ears and they didn't stop until she began her appointments with Dr. Adamson. Now, my son is having hearing issues due to the fluid in his ears and we are happy to have options like visiting the chiropractoc. This is a great way to help many health issues without having to give your family lots of medications and antibiotics."

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been a patient at this practice for many, many years. About two years ago I moved out of the state. I've tried and tried to find a new chiropractor that even comes close to helping me manage my pain like Dr. Adamson did, unsuccessfully. Instead, I drive the 4 hours back to this office as often as I can, because he is the only doctor who has been able to help me feel better and THAT is worth the drive. He is kind, always takes time for his patients, pays attention to their changing needs, and is never 'too busy' for his patients. You won't ever feel rushed or like 'the next person in line' at this office!"
    Julie L.